Hammamet, City with its timless charm

Hectic resort in summer, well known for its beaches and its party atmosphere, Hammamet is also a small city with an authentic charm. Turquoise waters, the scent of jasmine, white houses and stone walls gilded by the centuries…

its medina fringed by fine sand is particularly poetic. Nearby, the new resort town of Yasmine Hammamet offers a more contemporary setting, while the forests and lemon groves are a real pleasure for nature lovers.

In the beginning, Georges Sébastian, Romanian billionaire, lets himself be captivated by the charm of the place and builds a sumptuous city in the style of the country, one of the most beautiful architectural successes.

Americans are also captivated: Jesan and Violet Hensen. Then world celebrities: André Gide. Roaer Martin du Gard. Georges Bernanos. Paul Klee, Frank Loyed Wright…. Marshal Rommel made the city Sébastian his HQ. Other celebrities settled in Hammamet, following Jean-Claude Pascal.

In 1959, Sébastian’s property, acquired by the Tunisian state, became the international cultural center of Hammamet, a prestigious event in which leading figures from the world of music, dance and theater participate.

If Hammamet does not have grandiose monuments, its medina has a lot of character. The visitor will not be indifferent to the charm of its alleys and the atmosphere of intimacy which emerges from it, nor to the friendly look and the benevolent smile of the inhabitants.

The ramparts of the medina are pierced with three doors. The Kasbah dates from the 15th century. It was built on the site of a 12th century fort. It is an excellent point of view, from where you can admire the whole city. We installed a charming cafe there.

In the hotel zone, there are the ruins of the ancient city of Pupput where you can especially admire the remains of beautiful houses, with private thermal baths, mosaics …

Beautiful Hammamet